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With fall mini sessions fast approaching and quickly booking I decided to round up my most frequently asked questions and share them with you all today!

What is the mini session?

Mini sessions are good for those families that want updated family photos but don't necessarily need or want to spend too much time required with a full photography session.

When should we arrive?

Because we book these fall mini-sessions back-to-back, there is no wiggle room. If you are running late, I, unfortunately, cannot give you extra time during your session since it would push back each session following. Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early, that way we can be sure to get all the photos you were hoping for your beautiful family!

How many people can I bring with me?

These fall mini sessions are designated for families and children and unfortunately, we cannot accommodate anyone that is not immediate family. If you would like to book a session with extended family, I would recommend a full session, at least one hour long.

Do I need to bring anything to the shoot?

Bring whatever you need to look your best - a brush, make-up, hair spray, tissues. Put the finishing touches on in the car and leave it all there. Leave your purse and the stroller in the car too :) Bring snacks for the kiddos! Hungry kids are usually unhappy kids.

What is your photography style?

Modern, editorial, and photojournalistic. I love capturing the in-between moments and especially love it when I can get your personality to shine through the lens.

What type of shots/images will I get?

You will get a mixture of posed (smiling into the camera) and candid photos. Plus, a variety of horizontal and vertical images – I like to mix it up! We will also have a little bit of time in the end for some creative shots as well.

You’ll get the following for family:

1. Group photos

2. Individual shots of the kids and parents if needed

3. Kids together

4. Parents with each kid individually

5. Parent with all kids together

6. Parents together

***Please keep in mind that this is only a 30 min session.

While I always strive to do my best and give you the photos you want, we will be limited on time.

What should I wear?

Think about what you want your photos to look like. Do you want them to have a soft look? If so, pick neutral, light colors. Want a more modern, urban feel? Pick a few bold and bright statement pieces. If you want your pictures to look more formal you can wear dresses, ties, heels, blazers, and slacks. Try to avoid busy prints, graphic tee's, and being too matchy-matchy. Pinterest is also a wonderful resource for getting ideas for what to wear. Nijole Shuberg Pinterest Inspiration Board

Am I allowed to bring a pet (s)?

Yes, of course! They are family after all.  Please let me know at the time of booking.

What type of locations do you typically choose? How many locations? Are you open to any suggestions?

I go and scout out the locations beforehand and try to switch it up every year by adding a variety of unique locations that are easy to get to and have parking spaces. I also try to avoid crowds where I can but sometimes, it can be difficult for weekend dates (especially a Saturday). Lincoln Park has many beautiful spots to offer, and I will send you the exact location a couple of hours before the session. And most definitely, I am open to suggestions for future locations. If you know of any cool spots or have access to some unique spaces, please shoot me an email: nijole.shuberg@gmail.com Thanks in advance!

Can I give or sell my mini-session to someone else?

YES! Absolutely. You can gift or sell your mini-session if you are unable to attend.

Have more questions?

Please get in touch: nijole.shuberg@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you!

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